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Our partners are crucial to the success of our member companies. 

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About Us

Our Purpose

Communication Coalition of Kansas' purpose has always been to continue the established partnership relationship between all of the rural telecommunications companies, regardless of size, and to continue restoring the dignity of the independents by proving that they have personnel who are as experienced and capable as anyone within the industry in providing quality telecommunications service to Kansas. Communication Coalition of Kansas advocates on behalf of its members, both at the state and national level, and serves as a liaison between its member companies and other industry members, offering educational and networking opportunities through spring, annual, and various other meetings.

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About the Communications Coalition of Kansas

Smart Agriculture

These words were spoken in the late 1700s by President George Washington, but they still hold true today. Talk to modern American farmers and, no doubt, access to broadband networks and the advanced telecommunications services they deliver would top the list of most farmers’ definition of “real and important services.”

Aging in Place

This portrait of modern medicine reflects a grim fear that many older people harbor about their final days. Many hope to escape that fate by being to be able to “age in place” or stay in their homes. Telemedicine may be one of the key factors in allowing more seniors to comfortably and safely live in their own homes.


Today’s wireless networks would not work without a fiber or other wired network supporting them. Although wireless signals can be transmitted through the air for a few miles, they are subject to interference from buildings, hills and mountains, trees, and other obstacles that interfere with the line of sight between antenna towers and other facilities.

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