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The Communications Coalition is the result of the merger between the Kansas Rural Independent Telecommunication Coalition and the State Independent Telephone Association.  The combined organization will allow us to advocate with one, united, strong voice on behalf of the rural telecommunication companies on a state and federal level. The vision of the Communications Coalition of Kansas will be the consistent connectivity across Kansas. 


  1. Leadership. We are a group of innovators, conversation-starters, and consensus-builders that enact change to support the rural telecommunications industry.
  2. Community Focused. We live and work in rural Kansas and are committed to helping our communities grow and thrive.
  3. Equity. We believe all Kansans deserve equal access to broadband connectivity.
  4. Collaboration. WE work tirelessly to unite people and build lasting relationships.

Contact Us
Call: 785.260.5086
Email: maryjane@ccofkansas.com

P.O. Box 4799
Topeka, KS 66604

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